[EE] VHDL/Verilog to 74 series logic?

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[EE] VHDL/Verilog to 74 series logic?

Jason White-20
Hi everyone,

I find myself doing a lot of hardware design work in the safety realm. This
involves manually implementing a lot of combinational logic with 74 series
logic ICs. I think it's a shame that so far I haven't been able to leverage
the rich VHDL/Verilog tools out there to design, simulate, and synthesize
arbitrary logic at the PCB component level.

Is anyone here aware of any tools (open source or proprietary) or methods
that might make this process simpler.

I find myself using logisim a lot for synthesizing combinational logic
implementations from tables - but it leaves a lot to be desired requiring
manual optimization because it only uses one or two types of gates plus

[1] http://www.cburch.com/logisim/

Jason White
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