MM53200, MC14026 and other encoders/decoders

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MM53200, MC14026 and other encoders/decoders

Alessandro Zummo


  since I long time I'm planning to write some code
 to allow a PIC to learn the codes emitted from
 the MM53200, MC14026 and other encoders.

  I've examined some of them, and they're all quite

  The typical user of those encoders only need
 to choice the data to be trasmitted
 and the oscillator frequency.
 Has anyone done this in the past?

 Would a VHDL based approach be better than
 a PIC based one?

 How can I cope with many different
 osc frequencies? I suppose that given the kind
 of code that's is used, I should derive the timing
 from the incoming signal...

 What are the other encoders that I should support?

 Thanks in advance.


 Best regards,

 Alessandro Zummo,
  Tower Technologies - Turin, Italy

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