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[OT] Baen Publishing Free $10 Gift Card

Dwayne Reid
Good day to all.

I am a regular purchaser of the Monthly Book bundles that Baen
Publishing offers.  I am about to purchase some more bundles.  Baen
often allows me to give a free $10 gift coupon to someone else who is
not currently registered with them.  I get to do this one time for
each transaction that I do with Baen.

Its a way for them to get potential new customers - if the person
that I refer to them likes the service, maybe that person will become
a paying customer.


If anyone would like to receive a free $10 Baen gift card, please
send a private message to [hidden email]

I can choose only one person to receive this gift card for each
transaction that I do with Baen.  I have two transactions pending and
thus can give gift cards to two people.


Dwayne Reid   <[hidden email]>
Trinity Electronics Systems Ltd    Edmonton, AB, CANADA
780-489-3199 voice   780-487-6397 fax   888-489-3199 Toll Free
Custom Electronics Design and Manufacturing

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