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I did a fresh install of MPLABX IDE and IPE (v5.40).
IPE wouldn't work, and after much fiddling, I uninstalled everything and
went to an earlier version... v5.20.

Now IPE works, but when I plug in a Pickit 3 and try to connect, it
gives me a warning that the device's LVP bit is OFF but the tool is set
to LVP.  It suggests changing to HVP.  Note that no chip is connected, btw.

When I connect a chip (18F25K22), it detects the chip fine, but in
Power->ICSP Options, the pull-down selector for Program Mode Entry is
greyed out but set to "Use Low Voltage Program Mode entry".

I'm trying to understand what's happening here...
(a) Is it defaulting to HVP because the bit is *possibly* off on the
chip, and hence not letting me change that?
(b) Is it use LVP (because the setting says that) and not letting me
change to HVP for some reason?
(c) Or... ?

FWIW, I want to use HVP.


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