PWM Control & K type Thermocouple

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PWM Control & K type Thermocouple

David Armstrong-2
Could someone help or give me advice  , I am looking for PWM Code  to be
able to control the speed of  a pump and any thoughts on reading the
temperature of a Ktype thermocouple . from 100 C up to around 900 - 1200 C

The thermocouple reading will eventually control the volume supply'd by the
pump , within a given margin . having never used a thermocouple before , I
am thinking of a opamp filter on the input to help filter and clean what I
think will be a very erratic signal level as the temp will quickly reach
from 10 to 115 c , as the thermocouple has to sense over temperature and
closedown , then my thoughts are the readings need to be linear and stable
so any advice is appreciated , if I have my idea's wrong .

I have searched the archive but may have missed any points , also my idea is
to use a task state machine so that the pump can be controlled in a
background task


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