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Re: IIC Bus on MC9S12DP256

I´m only a beginner in programming µC but I try to help you.
I have a similar problem. I want to communicate with a temperature
sensor over I2C.
I show you my init-function: (but it isn´t in assembler)

void initI2C(void)
        IBFD=0x1F; /*here you must define the frequency divider*/          
                   /*Block Guide page.16-25*/
        IBAD=0xA0; /*SlaveAdress of this Module*/                    
                   /*I don´t know, whether it´s necessary*/
        IBCR=0x80; /*activate I2C-Modul, without INTERRUPT*/

To start I´m using this command:

        IBCR=0xB0; /*Start, BUS INTERRUPT DISABLE*/
                   /*IBEN & Master & Transmit = 1*/

Here is the command to stop the communication:

        IBCR=0x90; /*Stop*/
                   /*IBEN & Transmit = 1*/

The addressing depends on the device (i.e. sensor), you want to use.
Take care, I don´t know whether it is right, what i´ve posted here.
Perhaps it helps you. At present that´s all I know.


> > IIC block. But I'm lost in the Motorola documents.
> > All I would like to have is an assembler example of starting,
> > addressing a device and stopping the Bus.
> > Have anybody already done that and possibly email me an example ?
> > That would be great.
> >
> > Thanks by advance
> >
> > Jean Claude

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