bdm & tblcf, issue debugging MCF5307

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bdm & tblcf, issue debugging MCF5307

Hi all,

i am trying to debug using bdm tools/driver/server,
i have the following issue:

(gdb) target remote | m68k-bdm-gdbserver pipe /dev/tblcf1
Remote debugging using | m68k-bdm-gdbserver pipe /dev/tblcf1
trying usb driver: /dev/tblcf1
m68k-bdm: detected MCF5307
m68k-bdm: architecture CF5307 connected to /dev/tblcf1
m68k-bdm: Coldfire debug module version is 1 (5307/5407)
Process /dev/tblcf1 created; pid = 0
warning: Target-supplied registers are not supported by the current architecture
0xa0a0a0a0 in ?? ()

I think the following debug steps will not work correctly.
Every help is really appreiated.

many thanks