nut/Makedefs.cm3-gccdbg duplicates linker arguments

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nut/Makedefs.cm3-gccdbg duplicates linker arguments

Philipp Burch-2
Hi everyone,

I recently merged the latest trunk into branch devnut_tiva and noticed a
linker warning when compiling an application for debugging:

ld:tm4c1294ncpdt_flash.ld:12: warning: redeclaration of memory region

Looking at the linker command line, it was obvious that most of its
argument are duplicated when compiling for the *cm3-gccdbg* target.

The problem is that nut/Makedefs.cm3-gccdbg sets LDFLAGS with -g and
also with all other flags (linker script, map, library directory, etc.).
Those are afterwards duplicated by nut/app/Makevars.cm3-gcc.

A fix is in r6914, branch devnut_tiva. Just in case someone else faces
this warning as well.